5 Benefits of an Irrigation System

1. Prevents Uneven Watering

Installation teams place underground pipes and above ground sprinklers, so the grass gets the best coverage possible. They consider the size of the yard, the properties geography, and climate. You could technically get the same results by watering manually but its not easy to do. When you use a hose or watering can to water your lawn you are just guessing about how much water your lawn needs and with an irrigation system you don’t have to guess or spend time watering your lawn. Many have rain sensors and soil sensors. The rain sensors will turn off the system when it detects rainfall and the soil sensors will detect moisture levels in the soil.

2. Reduces Plant Diseases, Weeds, and Fungi

Irrigation systems allow you to target specific areas of your lawn to get water. Some irrigation systems like drip systems are very efficient at this and can direct water into a root system of certain areas. This can reduce the number of weeds because it will deprive them of water and instead make the water go to the plants you want watered. Irrigation systems reduce standing water. When you water by hand there is a higher chance of standing water which is where plant diseases and fungus can flourish.

3. Convenience

There are a few benefits if having an irrigation system, one of them being convenience. Irrigation systems are a huge benefit for very large yards, elderly homeowners, or for people who just don’t have the time to devote to their yards. If you have a programmable irrigation system, you can set it for daily or weekly watering. This allows you to change the schedule for what your yard needs or what is convenient for you. Knowing how much water your yard needs can also be difficult and time consuming. Automatic irrigation systems are great because they can sense when the soil is too dry and needs watering or if the soil has enough moisture and doesn’t need watering. This will take the guessing work out and take care of it for you.

4. Financial Benefits

Making your yard look beautiful is not as costly as you would think. Sprinkler systems can sense how much moisture your yard needs or has without being wasteful. This can help your monthly water bill be much lower than it would be with manual watering. You can even adjust the sprinkler schedule bases on the season. You can water the yard more during a super-hot summer and less during the cooler months. This will help you save money by avoiding over watering during fall or spring. Aside from saving you money on your water bill but it can also add value to your home.

5. Home Value

Having an irrigation system can really add value to your home. It can make your yard look vibrant and beautiful without working about watering it manually and having a yard like that is a big selling point. With the extra money you save you save on your bills with this type of investment is also a big value booster.

– The Capstone Landscape Management Team

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