Lawn Dormancy

Tis the season for warm season grass to go dormant. You will start to notice the grass starting to turn brown. Don’t worry the grass is not dying, it’s just going to take a long nap.

What does it mean though when we say your grass is going dormant? Dormancy is when the yard “goes to sleep”. When the grass goes dormant in the cold months it shuts down and turns brown to conserve water and nutrients. This will typically start to happen when the temperature of the soil drops to about 50 degrees, usually happens mid to late October.

How do you prepare your lawn for the winter? When the temperatures start to stay consistently cooler it is important to get a fertilizer down one last time right before the grass goes completely dormant. The mowing schedule will also change because once the grass starts going dormant the growth slows down. This also means it will require much less watering.

In the spring warm season grass will take a couple weeks to come out of dormancy. Don’t worry, it will be green again!

-The Capstone Landscape Management Team

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shows the difference between awake and dormant grass.